Thursday, November 25, 2004

Quik Finally Running

I finnaly figured out why Quik wasn't working on my powermac 4400 - the IDE drive was set to master, changing it to single worked.

When I first installed the hard drive I noticed MacOS couldn't see it at all- I had put it down to limitations in Apple's Drive Setup (as it's not an Apple drive) seeing as Linux would see it and install. Even though I could get Linux installed on it Quik never worked, so I had to boot off an external SCSI drive with BOOTX.

I started playing around with Quik and OpenFirmware and I noticed that OF couldn't see the drive either (it never appeared in OF's dev / ls command). Googleing around found indications that MacOS (at least when running on a 4400) is a bit odd about how it handles IDE, so I decided to pop the case off and have a play with drive's jumpers. Setting it to single worked - it popped up in OF and after booting one more time via BOOTX so I could run a dpkg-reconfigure quik it started working.

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